Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Results

Well, the Crawl was a big success, with at least 14 participants and tons of great sketches from everyone. The forecast called for rain on the 11th, so I was a little nervous the previous day, but Bozeman woke up to blue skies and mild temperatures that stayed that way almost all day.

I started the Crawl with a sketch at home before leaving to meet up at Wild Joe's Coffee:
Bozeman sketchcrawl: at home in the morning

At Joe's we waited for folks to trickle in and I drew a quickie:
bozeman sketchcrawl: wild joe's coffee 02

and a couple of longer-term sketches of some of the customers (Audrey on the left was also a sketchcrawler):
bozeman sketchcrawl: wild joe's coffee

Around 11am I sat down at a sunny corner with Lorie Hoffman and we both started drawing the Rocky Mountain Rug Gallery, which had been boarded up following the explosion downtown a month ago. Pretty soon a few more "crawlers" joined us, and I started drawing at a much more leisurely pace as we chatted and enjoyed the beautiful weather.:
bozeman sketchcrawl: rug gallery

After a break for a delicious lunch at La Tinga with some fellow crawlers, I headed back to finish the Rug Gallery sketch, and then headed on to the library. After and aborted attempt to draw out the window from the second floor, I sat on a bench outside and drew the building across the street in my new pocket watercolor Moleskine. I added the color later.
bozeman sketchcrawl: across from the library

That evening Linda and I headed to our friends' Harvey and Robbye's house for a dinner party, and I sketched some of the other guests:
bozeman sketchcrawl: dinner guests of harvey and robbye

The dinner table, after we ate some delicious pasta (the sketch of Linda on the right was done later):
bozeman sketchcrawl: still life at harvey and robbye's and linda with soup

All in all, a productive first Bozeman SketchCrawl!

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