Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Results

Well, the Crawl was a big success, with at least 14 participants and tons of great sketches from everyone. The forecast called for rain on the 11th, so I was a little nervous the previous day, but Bozeman woke up to blue skies and mild temperatures that stayed that way almost all day.

I started the Crawl with a sketch at home before leaving to meet up at Wild Joe's Coffee:
Bozeman sketchcrawl: at home in the morning

At Joe's we waited for folks to trickle in and I drew a quickie:
bozeman sketchcrawl: wild joe's coffee 02

and a couple of longer-term sketches of some of the customers (Audrey on the left was also a sketchcrawler):
bozeman sketchcrawl: wild joe's coffee

Around 11am I sat down at a sunny corner with Lorie Hoffman and we both started drawing the Rocky Mountain Rug Gallery, which had been boarded up following the explosion downtown a month ago. Pretty soon a few more "crawlers" joined us, and I started drawing at a much more leisurely pace as we chatted and enjoyed the beautiful weather.:
bozeman sketchcrawl: rug gallery

After a break for a delicious lunch at La Tinga with some fellow crawlers, I headed back to finish the Rug Gallery sketch, and then headed on to the library. After and aborted attempt to draw out the window from the second floor, I sat on a bench outside and drew the building across the street in my new pocket watercolor Moleskine. I added the color later.
bozeman sketchcrawl: across from the library

That evening Linda and I headed to our friends' Harvey and Robbye's house for a dinner party, and I sketched some of the other guests:
bozeman sketchcrawl: dinner guests of harvey and robbye

The dinner table, after we ate some delicious pasta (the sketch of Linda on the right was done later):
bozeman sketchcrawl: still life at harvey and robbye's and linda with soup

All in all, a productive first Bozeman SketchCrawl!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Meeting time and place to share sketches!

I've arranged for SketchCrawl participants to meet at 4pm on the 11th in the Bozeman Public Library in the smaller meeting room.  We'll have coffee and refreshments.  

Of course, you can still continue the SketchCrawl following the meeting, and, if you're anti-social, you don't need to come to the meeting at all (although we'll all talk about you).

We'll also talk about documenting the SketchCrawl, possibly organizing an exhibition, and helping you post results on line if you choose.

Remember, anyone can participate!  You don't have to RSVP-- we'd love to have lots of people come out!   

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Announcing the Bozeman Sketchcrawl

I'd like this blog to be a meeting-place and showcase for folks who want to take part in or just want to know more about Bozeman's first participation in the 22nd Worldwide SketchCrawl, which will take place on Saturday, April 11.   The best source of info of course is www.sketchcrawl.com.  Visit the forum there for more information about the Bozeman sketchcrawl and to share your sketchcrawl drawings.

Q:  What is a sketchcrawl??  A sketchcrawl is a worldwide all-day urban sketching and drawing marathon that was started in San Francisco by Enrico Casarosa.  On a predetermined day all over the world, artists gather in communities to draw and share their drawings.  The idea is to record all you can of what you do and see during the day.  So from breakfast to dinner, anything you do and see can be documented in a sketch.  It's a kind of journalism-meets-sketching thing.   And you don't have to be an artist!

Q: What do I need to do to participate?  Go out and draw on April 11!  Then share it with others.  Downtown Bozeman is full of great spots to draw.  Go to the park.  Go to a coffee shop. The library.  Sit on a bench and draw what you see.  Go with a group of friends or by your lonesome.

Q: What materials/supplies should I use?  That's up to you, but a good sketchbook and some drawing materials are really all you need.  I like to use Moleskine sketchbooks, Micron or Steadtler pens and watercolors, but pencils, crayons, charcoal, oil paint, anything really is fine.  I sometimes drag around a camp chair with me so I can have a seat wherever I am.

Q:  Will we meet beforehand?  While I don't think this event needs a whole lot of organization, anyone who wants to can meet up at Wild Joe's Coffee at 18 W. Main Street in downtown Bozeman at 9 am on the 11th before we all go out and sketch.

Q:  Will we meet afterward to share the work?  Yes!  We're working on finding a place downtown where participants can meet and share their experiences during the sketchcrawl, like a coffee shop or the Emerson.  You will also be able to post work on www.sketchcrawl.com, the sketchcrawl flickr group and a facebook group I plan to put up soon.

If you need any further info, you can go to the sketchcrawl forum or you can ask questions here by leaving a comment or by emailing me at info[at]paulheaston.com.

That's all for now!  Check back for updates, and in the meantime, keep sketching.


UPDATE:  We have a facebook group now!

corner of market and new montgomery looking SE